मायाजाल न तोड़ा जाये
लोभी मन मुझको तरसाये
मिल जाये तो रोग है दुनिया
मिल न सके तो मन ललचाये
मेरे अाँसू उनका दामन
रेत पे झरना सूखा जाये
शीशे के महलों में हरदम
काँच की चूड़ी खनकी जाये
प्यार मुहब्बत रिश्ते नाते
‘सानी’ कोई काम न अाये

Dr. Zarina Sani wrote this when her 10 year old son* once told her that she wrote very tough Urdu and he could not understand it and that she should perhaps write for the common man.


This free verse was published in “Sau Baras” in August 1976

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